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collar blue heart and flower ribbon
About the Collars

Owning Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs I was always on the outlook for Swiss themed collars, and was always excited when I found nice ones.

I have always enjoyed sewing and doing arts and crafts, so I decided I would try to make collars for my dogs myself.

On my last trip back home to Germany, I bought lots of Swiss themed ribbons, rivets, and fabric and started making collars. 

I found, I really enjoy making collars. Making way more than my own dogs can wear, I decided to offer them for sale.

Each dog collar consists of three parts:

1. decorative border and/or studs

2. nylon webbing for strength

3. neoprene for comfort

flat collar.jpg
martingale collar.jpg
How to Order
  1. Choose a style of collar 

    • flat collar

    • martingale collar with fabric

    • martingale collar with chain

  2. Determine the size of the collar (best way is by measuring your dogs neck)

  3. Pick the width of the collar 

    • 1 "

    • 1.5 "

    • if you would like a smaller or larger width for  your collar, I might be able to accommodate 

  4. Choose a border and/or add-ons (studs; Swiss flag). Please be aware that the borders are not all the same width

  5. Choose a nylon color

  6. Choose a neoprene color

  7. Sewed in bandanna yes/no

    • if yes, which fabric would you like?

  8. e-mail order to

The collars are available in two different styles:

1. Flat collar

2. Martingale collar (chain or fabric)

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