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About Us

Alpenblick Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs is located in the beautiful Grande Ronde Valley in Northeast Oregon.

We are blessed to call part of this beautiful valley our own. We live here with our dogs and horses on our small hobby farm.

The Grande Ronde Valley is surrounded by the Blue Mountains and the Eagle Cap Wilderness. The area is fittingly called 'Oregon's Little Switzerland'.

We love living here since it gives us the opportunity to do what we love most- ride horses and explore the outdoors with our Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs Luna, Dawn, Newton, Dora, Maven, Geneva, Kepler, and Medley,  and not to forget our Chiweenie Mia.

Besides enjoying our time with our dogs and horses, Annika works as a high school science teacher and Tyson is a farrier


Our Story

Growing up in Konstanz, Germany and around Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs, the breed has always been very close to my heart. I always knew, when the time was right to add a dog to my family, it was going to be a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog. During college I decided to go abroad for a year on a student exchange and ended up at Eastern Oregon University in La Grande, Oregon. After the exchange year I moved back to Germany to finish college. However, I returned to Oregon a year later to pursue a master’s degree in education. Fresh out of college I got offered a teaching job at a high school outside of La Grande, which I accepted.

When I realized living in the US was going to be a permanent endeavor, I decided it was the right time to add a dog to my family. I started looking for Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Breeders, and in 2011 I was so fortunate to have Lykan join the family. Lykan was my constant companion and greatest joy, until we had to say goodbye to him one month shy of 11 years old.

Tyson and I were brought together by our love of horses, and we got married in 2013. The same year, we bought our property in Elgin, OR, where Tyson grew up and most of his family still lives. Having our own property, we decided to add another Greater Swiss Mountain Dog to our growing family. So, in the summer of 2015, Luna joined us. 


Enjoying our lives with Lykan and Luna and cherishing every moment with them established the wish to breed ourselves. As a result, we imported Dawn from the Czech Republic in 2016.  We became members of the Cascade Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Club as well as the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Club of America, and started to get involved in the sport of dog showing. We enjoy showing in conformation, rally and obedience, do pack hikes and weight pull, as well as fast cat and carting.

In 2018, we were very fortunate to have Newton join our pack from the Netherlands. He exceeded all our expectations and is the most gentle and loving boy. 

We since added some of Dawns and Newtons kids and grandkids to our pack and breeding program, and could not be happier with the health and temperament of their lines, as well as their success in the show ring.

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